15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (2023)

The Nintendo GameCube is a home video game console that was sold between 2001 and 2007 when it was discontinued. The console is one that has become really popular with retro gaming fans because of the variety of games that were released on the console. A lot of games likeSuper Smash Bros. Melee,Resident Evil 4, andThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess have remained popular even though the console is no longer sold.


But, along with these incredibly popular games, there are also a lot of games that are no longer so easy to find. Despite the fact that they're hard to get your hands on, a lot of collectors actively seek out these games for their collection due to their rarity. And anyone who collects rare games will know how expensive they can get.

Updated October 11th, 2020 by Riley Kane:Game collecting is as precarious as its ever been. To reflect the current fluctuations, we are adding a few more entries worthy of mention. As with anything in scarcity, even this update will be different come a few months from now.

When considering rarity, we will view all angles of price, intervals between sales, and current listings as relevant to the outcome. The formula we used to calculate the average takes into consideration the loose price, complete in box price, and new price.


15 Skies of Arcadia Legends (AVG $179.45)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (1)

Skies of Arcadia Legendshas everything one could love in a JRPG: freedom fighting, pirates, danger, and a talented developing team behind it all. Once you develop the likes ofPanzer Dragoon, Phantasy Star, andSonic the Hedgehog, you have a lot of clout within the industry. Many have not played this gem of a game and are dying to get their hands on an official copy.

Listings forSkies of Arcadiahave been on the internet for quite some time. Starting in September 2020 the numbers have crept up for loose copies, as well as complete in box and new copies.

14 Chibi-Robo (AVG $189.13)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (2)

Chibi-Robois a success story for our modern age. Though the game did not sell well upon its release, it's become highly coveted among collectors for its charming presentation and lovable main character.

Humorously, from 2013 to 2015, this game was worth zilch. Steadily it has climbed the ladder of equality with no signs of slowing down. He has indeed made his impact on the gaming community at large.

13 Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus (AVG 213.28)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (3)

Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus is a port of the game Phantasy Star Online. It was announced in 2001 and took some major work for the developers to get it out. This was due to the fact that the Nintendo GameCube couldn't connect to the Internet, which was a huge feature of the game. Luckily, an adapter for the console to allow it to go online was sold, and a unique controller with a full keyboard on it was released specifically for this game.

Even though this game, likeSkies of Arcadia, is a port from an older console, it has garnered a strong status among the GameCube's library. A lot of people would love to see it get revived. Getting a copy of the game will set a GameCube collector back $326.

12 Go! Go! Hypergrind (AVG $263.18)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (4)

Go! Go! Hypergrind is a skateboarding game that was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2003. The game was developed in Japan, but never actually saw a release in that region. In the game, an animation studio is holding a contest to find the future star of their new cartoon. While playing story mode, the player controls a hopeful skateboarder who wants to star in the series.

This peculiar rascal of a game has skyrocketed in price since 2016. Even just a loose copy of the disc can cost a collector around $100 these days. But to get a new copy of the game, you'll have to pay upwards to $538.

11 Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance (AVG $266.37)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (5)

The Fire Emblemfranchise is a series that has been a staple on Nintendo consoles since it started. This series of RPGs started in 1990 and has released quite a few games, most of which were only released in Japan during the early days of the series.Fire Emblem: Path of Radianceis the ninth main game in the series, but only the third to be released in North America.

Because theFire Emblem series is so popular and so many fans want to go back and revisit older games in the series, it's definitely no surprise that this game is so rare now. A loose copy of the disc costs over $100, while a new copy of the game will run you$268.

10 NCAA College Basketball 2K3 (AVG $279.49)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (6)

Considering the fact that there are so many sports games that are released on just about every console, the fact that a basketball game is among the rarest games on the Nintendo GameCube seems strange, right? But some of the officially licensed sports games can getsuper expensive, especially if they're on older consoles.

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NCAA College Basketball 2K3was released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. This game is unique because of the fact that the other games in this franchise use the title "college hoops" instead of "college basketball." It'shardly on the market, appearing once a month for a loose copy and twice a year for a new copy.

9 Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest (AVG 359.61)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (7)

Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest is a GameCube game that was released in 2002 by Nintendo exclusively in Japan. Another developer, Atlus, ended up picking up the game and localizing it to be released in other regions after Nintendo stated that the game wouldn't be leaving the Japanese market.


In the game, the player controls a creature named Cubivore that eats other animals and creatures in order to change, evolve, and become stronger. Since the game has such a unique story, it has become rare and sought after. New copies ofCubivorehave both dropped and rose since 2010. It currently sits at a steady $500.

8 Disney Sports Basketball (AVG $399.31)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (8)

Disney Sports Basketball is a game that was released on two different Nintendo consoles: the Nintendo GameCube and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, both of which came out in 2002. This game features classic Disney characters playing basketball against one another. Pretty simple, right?

So, why is it so rare? This game is one that didn't receive great reviews, especially the GameCube version. Because of that, there were likely not a lot of copies sold. This means that a new copy of the game can cost$399or more.

7 Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Collection (AVG $243.94)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (9)

Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Collectionpairs together some of the greats in the series. It includesResident Evil 0, Resident Evil,andResident Evil 4.An extra factor for its rarity is that it was a GameStop exclusive, coming out at the tail end of the GameCube's lifespan. All copies released have the Player's Choice banner.


Many of the links on pricecharting.com confusingly lead you to the same listing. One link even leads you to a copy of the firstResident Evilfor GameCube. Has the game already been sold? Are these just phony listings? Because the game doesn't appear on the market frequently, it becomes harder for gamers to trust that they're getting a good deal.

6 Gotcha Force (AVG 524.85)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (10)

Gotcha Force is a fighting and shooting game that was released in 2003. This game focuses on collecting gachapon toys and then using them to battle throughout the game. The game wasn't heavily advertised when it was released, leading it to be less than successful commercially. Still, the game has quite a number of fans to this day and although it was re-released in Japan, the game is still really rare in North America.

Just getting a copy of the disc will set a hardcore GameCube collector back over $100, but many collectors want a new and complete copy of the games they pick up. Getting a new copy ofGotcha Force will cost you$399.

5 Metroid Prime & Zelda Wind Waker Combo (AVG $291.28)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (11)

The rarest and most expensive games on the Nintendo GameCube seem to be the bundle games. This is probably because not only does it contain two different games, but these bundles were often a lot more limited and not sold as widely as the singular copies of the games.

Metroid Prime & Zelda Wind Waker Combo is a bundle that was released in 2005 and contains two different but popular Nintendo GameCube games. Though the average price for these games comes out low, that's far from the truth. Getting a new copy of this bundle will cost $1,500.

4 Pokemon Colosseum Pre-Order/Bonus Disc (AVG $432.40)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (12)

PokémonColosseumwas a victorious expansion of a classic formula. It included burgeoning new locales, more animated character models, and the aptly named Shadow Pokémon. It really felt like a step in the right direction, and one that Genius Sorority took very seriously.

Multiple forms of this game have been released. A bonus disc was made to give you Jirachi, sponsoring the movie. The pre-order disc gave you the same deal. The listings only started to appear last year, ranging from $180 to $757, and in very limited quantities.

3 Sonic Adventure 2 Pack (AVG $568.67)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (13)

Sonic Adventure 2 Packis unlike other GameCube games because it's not just a single game. Instead, this rare and expensive game is a bundle of two differentSonic the Hedgehog games. The bundle includesSonic Adventure 2: Battle andSonic Adventure DX--twonarratively drivenSonicgames.

This game is considered to be one of the rarest games on the GameCube and fans always get excited to see a copy actually get listed online. There's even a couple year gap between some listings. To get a complete copy of thisSonicbundle, you'll have to pay$870or more.

2 Super Monkey Ball 2 Pack (AVG $765.60)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (14)

Super Monkey Ball 2 Pack is a bundle package of two differentSuper Monkey Ball games for the Nintendo GameCube. This bundle contains the Players' Choice editions of bothSuper Monkey Ball and its sequel,Super Monkey Ball 2.

This game is incredibly rare and just finding a copy for sale is difficult. A few have turned up on the market over the years, but they don't come up often and they definitely don't go for cheap. If you manage to find a new copy of this rare bundle, be prepared to pay$1,500.

1 Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 14 (AVG $724.50)

15 Rarest GameCube Games (& How Much They're Worth) (15)

When it comes to one and done deals, no one does it quite like Nintendo. Whether it bePokémon’s limited "EventPokémon," gettingSuper Mario 3D All-Starsbefore it goes bye-bye, or, in this case, obtaining the specialized GameCube demo discs.

Nintendo's demo discs carry on them small snippets of games. On Version 14, it includedCustom Robo,Mario Kart: Double Dash!!,andSonic Heroes.Trailers forPokémon Colosseum, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Need for Speed: Underground, and many more could be viewed at any time You'd be super lucky to see any more than one listing a year. In August it sold for $345. That's the only listing on pricecharting.com. All demo discs, in reality, share this same fate.

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