Best Gas & Propane Grill (BBQ) Brands List Ratings In 2022 (2023)

Do you want to choose a grill model from one of the best gas grill brands?

There are a lot of gas grill brands offered on the market, and in this article, I would like to give you the answer to what is the best gas grill brand.

The natural gas and propane grills have many features that make them user-friendly and durable. Different unique features can determine what is a good brand of a gas grill. I will give you the list of top gas grill manufacturers and give you information about their company and history, goals and innovation, type of models, etc. This will help you to choose the brand that will offer a high-quality model for the best grilling experience.

Best Gas Grill Brands 2019 – Top 10 Gas Grill Brands List


This is one of the most reliable gas grill brands you can find on the market, and most popular. It offers gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, and portable grills. They all are made for outdoor activities, so you can be sure that every model can be placed in the yard and won’t get damaged by weather conditions. Therefore, this is one of the best outdoor gas grill brands. The company was founded by George Stephen who invented the revolutionary kettle grill in 1952. This innovative mindset has continued to be present in all the models they manufactured. So the brand has many patented mechanisms such as flavored bars that are angled to catch drippings from the food that vaporize and give the smoky flavor to the food. Then the iGrill app that is connected to the grill’s thermometer and lets you know when the food is perfectly cooked.
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Also, the Weber briquettes are burning long and strong, and they’re made from natural materials so there is no added flavor to the food. Most of the models are made from stainless steel that doesn’t rust. If you want to know more about their history and more details about their innovative models, you can read my post about the Weber gas grills. There you can find out design, materials and other technical specifications that the brand offers in their grills.


Coleman is one of the quality gas grill brands that have a wide offer of products for outdoor activities such as tents, shelters, lanterns, camp furniture, etc. You can buy also the gear and gadgets, and replacement parts for the products you’ve bought from them. In the offer, you can find the camping gas grills too. It’s one of the best gas bbq grill brands because you can find models that are ideal for outdoor trips with your RV and tailgates. Most of their models have very convenient foldable legs. Therefore, you can use them as both tabletop and freestanding.
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When folded, you can easily store it and their very lightweight for the transport. Most models have the heavy-duty wheels that enable you to easily transport it from one place to another. If you are interested in more information about the brand such as its history, the parts, and accessories it offers, the warranty and similar topics, you can read my post about the Coleman propane grill models on the market.


The brand is a part of the Conair Corporation since 1989 and they’re developing in the direction of a good and healthy lifestyle connected to eating healthy food. The brand was first recognized because being one of the introducers of the first food processor in America. If you’re wondering what is the best brand of tabletop gas grill to buy, the Cuisinart can be the right answer for you. This is a good grills brand that has a wide offer of outdoor grills. You can find smoke, pellet and gas grills, portable models, tools for grilling and cleaning grill, etc.
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The amazing feature is that the burners have the 15-year limited warranty for the non-rusting ability of the stainless steel material. Also, the innovative 3 in 1 gas model let you have the meals cooked on the burners with high BTU input that are smoked above the pellets so they have unique smokey flavor. If you want to know more about the models and history of the brand, you can read my post about the Cuisinart gas grills and their features.


The journey in the manufacturing and developing of grills began in 1948 when they have released one of the first charcoal models on the market. Since then, they’re evolving the products and bringing the innovations to the market such as TRU-infrared cooking system that delivers even heat distribution. This is one of the popular gas grill brands and it’s really great because it has a wide offer for every griller. You can buy from them all the types of grill: charcoal, electric, gas, portable or bbq smokers. The Char-Broil is one of the natural gas grill brands since it offers both propane and natural gas grills. You can buy models from 2 burners up to 6 burners, depending on your needs. Most of the models have stainless steel construction which is the best for outdoor use.
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Also, the grills come with the bottom cabinet for easy storage and organization of tools. Besides that, the cast iron grates are porcelain-coated so they are easy to clean and good in retaining the heat. The burners are also made from stainless steel so they’re long-lasting. If you need the models with one of the highest BTU input, this is the right brand for you. In case you want to found out more, read my post about the Char-Broil gas grills. You can read more about the company history and the model’s specifications such as design, ignition type, dimensions, etc.


This is one of the best outdoor gas grill manufacturers. It offers the kamado grills, charcoal grills, dual fuel grills, and gas grills. Besides the devices, you can buy specifically made covers, accessories and replacement parts on the website. It’s one of the good gas bbq brands that offers gas grill models with three burners. If you need more of the heat on the cooking surface, the previous brand with models that have up to 6 burners is a better choice for you. If you’re looking for the portable models, the Coleman brand is a better choice for you, but if you need a sturdy outdoor freestanding grill for your yard, this brand is an ideal choice.
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The 25 years of manufacturing experience guarantees the best quality on the market. Models are made from heavy-duty tubular steel. The innovative feature is the dual smoke stack for better ventilation.The handles will stay cool even after a long time of cooking and the burners deliver up to 50 000 BTU of heat to the cooking surface. You can find out more about the brand such as its history, the wide offer, and the models it’s producing. Read my post about the Char-Griller brand and learn more details about their models.


The brand is a part of the GHP Group. Inc that manufactures the fireplace, log sets, heating products, and barbecue grill products. It has one of the highest gas grill brand ratings, and the unique feature is that they offer natural gas grills among the charcoal and liquid propane models. You can also buy the smokers from them, and all the accessories for the models. Dyna-Glo is one of the popular gas grill manufacturers on the market. You can buy models depending on your yard’s size. If you need space-saving design, go with 2 or 3 burners models. They also have 5 burner models which are bigger, but they deliver high heat to the cooking surface.
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You can be sure of the longevity of all models because they go through the tests to ensure that they meet and exceed industry standards of durability and quality. Their models are made in stainless steel construction and often have the side burner. Also, you can get the infrared rotisserie burner for additional cooking. There are more details about the brand and the models it offers. If you want to know more about the technical specifications of their models, design, the material and other you can read my article about the Dyna-Glo gas grills.


This is one of the quality propane grill brands that are manufactured in North America. They are located in the Huntington Indiana, Dickson Tennessee, and Waterloo Ontario. They offer consists of charcoal grills, smokers, gas grills, portable grills, and built-in grills. If you looking for the built-in grill that can be a part of your outdoor kitchen, this is the best brand of a gas grill to buy. In case you just look for an outdoor freestanding or portable grill, they are also a great choice. All of the models are made from stainless steel that doesn’t rust and it’s easy to clean. Besides that, the models have wheels or casters for easy and simple transport from one place to another.
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One of the biggest models they manufactured is the Imperial one and it has about 750 square inches of cooking surface and 6 burners that deliver about 60 000 BTU of heat to the grilling surface. That is very high heat on a large surface, so the meals will be grilled fast and you can prepare meals for a large number of people. This is the best brand of a gas grill to buy since the models have a lifetime warranty. Maybe you want to read more about the brand if you’re interested. You can read my post about the Broil-King brand and find out more about their history, mission and their gas grill models that are available on the market.

Blackstone Products

It’s one of the best gas grill company that was founded in 2005 when they released the 36” Blackstone griddle. Since then, they have developed many products for good outdoor grilling experience. They manufacture griddles, ovens, stoves, grills, spices and other accessories and replacement parts for their devices. They have the smallest offer off grills, but the high-quality materials and long existence on the market are making them part of this list.
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The grills mostly come in combination with the griddle. This is a very unique feature that’s ideal for people that want to have more versatile cooking with their grill. Therefore, you can cook a variety of meals since you have both grids and hot flat surface. They offer both charcoal and gas grills. If you want to know more about the company and details about the models offered on the market, read my post about the Blackstone Products gas grill models.

Conclusion: What Are The Best Gas Grill Brands?

When we compare gas grill brands, most of them have all good features and qualities that guarantee the best grilling experience. But the smaller differences in features can make a big difference in the decision when buying. Among the top-rated gas grill brands, the Coleman is one of the best grill manufacturers of portable grills and if you need one for your tailgate, I will recommend them. But, in my opinion, when considering overall features and gas grill brands ratings, the best gas grill brand is the Weber. Their innovation in grilling and long warranty on the stainless steel construction are features that approve the brands quality and reliability. You can be sure their grills will keep you happy with your grilled food for a long time.

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