Best Grill Brands: Who Is Dominating the Market in 2022? - GRILL EVER (2023)

The grill is the necessary appliance, and it has a great role in our everyday life. And that is why everybody wants to get the top-performing and the best grill of the existing time. And you know there have so many grill manufacturers. Some manufacturers stay at the top, and some lie on the grounds. But we always want to get only those grills that come from the best grill brands.

You also want the same, but can you explain why?


Let me discuss the matter.

Before going to details of the matter, I want to hear from you how the brands become the best grill brands? All of you definitely come to the same platform of the matter after producing excellent performing and good quality grills; a brand gradually earns fame, and one day it becomes one of the best brands. Right?

What have you understood from the above section?

What I mean, a well-reputed brand always try to manufacture the best product because they don’t want to spoil the name that they have gained! So, if you have an idea about the best brands, you will have the more possibility of getting the best product always.

On the other hand, you also know grills are found in different types. But a manufacturer may not be the best of producing all types of grills. For this reason, you should know which brand is best for producing which type of grills.

Don’t be tensed; in this content, you will get a clear concept about the top grill brands and all necessary information about each brand. Just keep reading.

Top Grill Brands List

Though the number of grill brands is not countless, they are not very few in number. But the number of the best grill brands is very few in number. These brands always produce the grill according to the demands of time. Have a look at the following and know what are the brands always lie at the top positions.


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If you have the minimum idea about the grill brands, there always have some brand names in your mind. I hope Weber is notable of them. And you are not surprised to see Weber in the very first position. Right?

Yes, Weber is such a good grill brand, and it deserves the first position. George Stephen is the founder of this brand Weber, and it was established in 1952. Just think about how long experience the company has!

In the beginning, the company has produced only a charcoal grill, but they started to make other types of grill over time. And within a very short time, Weber becomes one of the most popular brands for all types of grill users. For the quality and performance, the brand has earned only a good reputation from all types of users.

There have so many reasons for loving this brand, Weber, and one of the best reasons is the company thinks about the needs and demands of all types of users. And you also find the truth if you search any type of grill whatever it is electric, charcoal, gas, portable or other types! And you definitely find your expected grill of this brand. If you can get various types of grills from a brand and if the grills can satisfy you, is there may have any reason for not loving the brand?


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I’m sure the grill brand Coleman is not unknown to you. Most of the grill users have the minimum idea about this brand, and all of them know the brand always produces the top-performing grills. If you are the lover of the gas grill, I’m very much confident you will love Coleman. Ask me why?

Well, there have a few grill brands which produce such good gas grill like Coleman. Yes, the company is especially well-known for producing top-notch gas grill. Using a gas grill for a certain time, some of the parts may become spare. And most of the time, you don’t find the original parts from the Company, but Coleman provides you all parts, gear, and gadgets for the item. It is really a thing.

The company also pays attention to create gas grills that are perfect for outdoor purposes. So, if you want to get the quality grill for outdoor purposes such as camping, tailgating, and other purposes, Coleman can give you the best solution definitely.

For making the grill perfect for outdoor purposes, the company makes the grill such a way so that you can carry and move them easily. That is why most of the grills of this company are lightweight, compact design, and can be stored easily.

George Foreman

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If you can get your desired grill from a brand and if that can give satisfy you with the performance, then why you don’t tell the brand good? This is not for you only; if most of the users have the same experiences of the same branded grill, then we definitely say it is one of the best grill brands. Right? Let’s have a quick look at the overall performance of the GEORGE FOREMAN products.

What type of food do you want to grill in the griller steak, chicken, or other? These branded grillers let you make grill of the chicken or steak perfectly every time. Not done yet, you can also cook other foods such as vegetables or other fast food items. That means, what types of food you need to cook is not a matter to the grills, it does its job excellently each and every time.

You know temperature controlling is a necessary thing, and you need to adjust the temperature anytime while cooking. The grillers allow controlling the warmth level according to the needs. The grillers also give you another advantage that is the food doesn’t adhere to the surface, and that is why you can easily clean the grill after cooking has been finished. I think all of the expectations you have already get, haven’t you?

Napoleon Grills

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The founder of this company had made a wood-burning stove before establishing the company NAPOLEON. But the product was so popular. Then in the year, 1981 NAPOLEON started to make fireplace inserts, wood-burning stoves, and grills. And after that, the company started to get many many good reputations for producing the top-class charcoal and gas grills. You also become surprised this brand is one of the top-rated businesses in Canada.

By this time, NAPOLEON is producing the top-classes built-in charcoal and gas grill. They also have other heating products such as the fireplace, outdoor heaters, and gas furnaces.

You may have known that all manufacturers don’t always produce premium quality grills. So, if you want to have the premium charcoal and gas grill, you need to think twice before choosing the company. If you choose this brand for getting a premium grill, I can say confidently you don’t make a choice wrong.

Green Mountain

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Before giving you the idea about this brand, I just want to give you information about this brand; it doesn’t have wide-ranges of models. Are you surprised? Although having a small lineup of the product, how the brand becomes one of the best grill brands? This is the concern of you as far, I guess.

For the last couple of years, the grills of this brand have got the highest popularity. Just look at the other brands, they require a high price for the specific highlights no matter whether you are going for the expensive or equivalent models! But when you select this brand, you can get the grill with additional highlights at the affordable cost. Just this factor makes a huge difference with the other branded grills. If you can get the grill that can give the performance more than your expectations, then you never can ignore that. That is the reason it is considered one of the best brands.

Royal Gourmet

Best Grill Brands: Who Is Dominating the Market in 2022? - GRILL EVER (6)

ROYAL GOURMET is the famous name of the grill industry, and they have a lot of reputation for producing BBQ grill. Gas grills, smokers, charcoal grills, griddles, and other outdoor living products are included in their product line. And the manufacturer is especially well-known for the quality products. Not done yet, they are different from the other manufacturers because they always offer premium-quality products at an affordable price. And everybody loves this.

If you search for those grills which are perfect for the confined spaces, you must have to come to ROYAL GOURMET. At the same time, the manufacturer gives you the surety of cooking flavorful and tasty food for your family always. Is there anyone who doesn’t love this type of grill?

The manufacturer designs the grill with the foldable side table so that the users can fold it in a narrow place and can use it when necessary. And definitely, it also provides all the other advantages that should have in a good quality griller. Everybody falls in love after using ROYAL GOURMET grills; you can definitely try.

Gotham steel

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To be one of the best grill brands, you always have to build a grill with quality materials, and you should follow the way so that the grill can give the best performance, GOTHEM STEEL knows this. And they also make the grill as the way. Besides, the manufacturer pays attention, especially to distribute the temperature through the entire cooking surface so that the users can cook the food evenly and perfectly. This is one of the primary reasons for this brand to become popular.

The manufacturer also makes the grilling surface Ti-ceramic that acts as a covering. And for this coating, the grilling surface acts like no-sick surface. You and definitely all the users know the advantages of a non-stick cooking surface. So the foods don’t get stick whatever the food is!


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Cuisinart is a famous brand, and it is not only famous for producing the good grill only, this brand is widely popular for producing other kitchen appliances also.

All the brands have some unique features, and Cuisinart is not different from them. This brand is always concern about a healthy lifestyle. And it gives you the guarantee of cooking all foods in the grill of this company. Cuisinart never produces any grill that contaminates the food while cooking. So, for cooking safe food, Cuisinart is the best solution.

You know, there have different types of grill in the market, and the tabletop is one of them. If you find such type of grill, you will hardly find the perfect alternative of Cuisinart. Not only that, if you also want to get top-quality outdoor grills, Cuisinart can give you a wide range of options.

If you are a grill user, you know some other tools are always needed for grilling and cleaning purposes. Definitely, it is best if you can get the relevant tools from the same manufacturer, right? For this matter, Cuisinart produces all the necessary tools for their customers. That means, Cuisinart gives you not only good-quality grills but also give the other necessary accessory support. Isn’t it a great advantage?


Best Grill Brands: Who Is Dominating the Market in 2022? - GRILL EVER (9)

How many companies have long, long experiences, Car-broil is one of them. The company was established in 1944. Now think about the experience of producing grill! For the very first time, Char-Broil started to produce cast iron charcoal grill. And that time, this company had made cast iron charcoal just like an ugly drum-style grill. Just think of an iron drum which has a door for charcoal management, cooking grate at the top, and side table. The first grill was like that.

From there, the company started to get users’ support, and the users were always looking for the new product. And the company also produced the grill that was actually the demand and expectations of the users. Day by day, Char-Broil grows and adds new grills to their manufacture item. And gradually they started to make a gas grill, electric grill, infrared grill, smoker and also other necessary accessories.

From the period of establishment up to the existing time, the company never had to look back. If you want to get the budget to mid-range grills, especially gas and charcoal grills, Char-broil can be your best option.

The company manufactures grills under various brand names such as Kettleman, Sabre, and obviously Char-broil. If you need to get a budget-priced gas grill, don’t think about other brands because Char-broil always offers you a wide range of the budget-friendly gas grill.


Best Grill Brands: Who Is Dominating the Market in 2022? - GRILL EVER (10)

Char-Griller is a good player in producing the top-quality outdoor gas grill. Definitely, it is a good choice when you search for the outdoor gas grill. It doesn’t mean the company only produces the gas grill, the company also produces the charcoal grill, kamado grill, and duel fuel grill also. Not done yet, the company also makes the specific covers for the specific model for care and also offers the replacement parts and accessories.

The grills having two or three burners are so common, and no doubt they are used most commonly. You may need more heat on the cooking surface, and that time you will need to have more burners. But all the manufacturers cannot give you the offer to get 6 burners grill from them because they don’t have the product. At that time, don’t waste time by thinking anything because Char-griller offers you to get 6 burners griller.

I have said before; if you need a portable grill, you should think first Coleman. But if you want to get something that is a sturdy and strong freestanding outdoor grill, don’t go outside from Char-Griller.

The brand always gives you some benefits such as heavy-duty construction material, stay-cool handles, and high BTU up to 50,000 cooking surface. I believe strongly, how many expectations you have that doesn’t matter Char-Griller can fulfill all.


Best Grill Brands: Who Is Dominating the Market in 2022? - GRILL EVER (11)

DYNA-GLO is the part of the renowned GHP group which produces log sets, fireplace, heating products, and grill products. There have a few companies which have the highest rating for producing gas grill, and this company is one of them. You can also find other high-quality grills, for example, charcoal grill, liquid propane grill, and also a smoker. The product line of the company is not stopped here; they also produce the other accessories for the grill.

If you have tight space on the yard’s, you can choose the two or three burners model. But if you want something like the bigger grill, DYNA-GLO gives you the opportunity to get their 5 burners model. So, what sizes griller you need that is not the matter. This brand gives you the opportunity to choose according to your needs.

I know different user needs a different type of griller. Somebody needs a strong and sturdy model, somebody likes the innovative design, and somebody likes durable items. No doubt, you get here the high-quality griller, but if you have the desire to get an extremely durable griller, I recommend getting at least one from DYNA-GLO.


Best Grill Brands: Who Is Dominating the Market in 2022? - GRILL EVER (12)

BROIL-KING is a famous brand for producing propane grill, especially. The company manufactures its products in North-America. I hope you have faith in the American’s products. Anyway, don’t think about the company that it doesn’t produce other grills. This renowned brand offers its customers charcoal grill, gas grill, portable grill, smokers, and built-in grill. I just can say, you will be surprised by getting the service of the built-in gas grill of this brand, yes.

If you want to set up a built-in grill on your outdoor kitchen, don’t make the mistake of not getting the grill from this brand. You will realize after using why I have said this.

If you also want to have a giant size griller, BROIL-KING is the solution. It has manufactured up to 750 square inches of cooking surface, which has 6 burners. And the burner capacity is 60,000 BTU. Can you imagine the capability of the griller? If you need to prepare more food within a short time, you can choose the large grill of this brand.

On the other hand, most of the grills of this brand are made of stainless steel and provides you heavy-duty service, and obviously, the stainless steel is rust-resistant gives you longer services.


Best Grill Brands: Who Is Dominating the Market in 2022? - GRILL EVER (13)

As the grill manufacturer, BLACKSTONE doesn’t have a long experience like Weber or Char-Broil, but it has been making top-quality grillers from the establishment of this brand. Only, for this reason, the manufacturer has wined the heart of grill users, and day by day, the popularity of this brand is increasing gradually.

This manufacturer mostly produces the grill combination with griddle. It is an excellent idea, and it is definitely a unique feature for users who want to cook with more versatility. A griddle has a flat and solid surface, and it has some advantages also over the cooking grate. It is a bit different from the cooking grate, and people also love it who loves versatile cooking definitely.

On the other side, you can also get the grill that has both option grids and hot flat surface. That is why you can cook different types of meals, and you don’t have this opportunity when you choose the grill of other manufacturers. Anyway, you have to choose any one from the two options charcoal and gas grill because they make these two types grill only. I hope you know the matter most of the users love either a gas grill or charcoal grill. Which do you prefer to have?

Summing Up

Have I talked to you about what type of grill you need to get now? Maybe not. So, how do I know which grill you are searching for exactly? But I have discussed here the best grill brands so that you can easily opt for the quality grill according to your requirements. I have also discussed in detail which brand manufactures what types of grill well, and you can get a clear idea if you just read the content fully. I can give you the surety you will not be disappointed if you choose grill from any brand of the above listed.

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