Best men’s shirt brands for 2023: Smart and casual shirts to refresh your wardrobe (2023)


hether it’s for work or a wedding, nothing makes a man feel smarter than pulling on a crisp shirt, especially when it’s box-fresh and just-ironed.

But there are so many styles to choose from out there, from short- and long-sleeved to smart and causal (smart-casual, anyone?!), not to mention the variety in prices and labels. Plus, it’s hard to keep up with so many different iterations being sent down the runway – what’s hot this month is not the next.

Which is why we could all do with someone pointing us in the right direction, helping us to navigate shelves and websites positively bursting with different fabrics and cuts, as well separating those long-term investment pieces from the fast-fashion fads.

Callum McCall, co-founder of menswear brand Flax London, says: “Increasingly, the consumer mindset is about buying better things, less often. As a shirtmaker, that’s exciting because it allows us to focus on impact, provenance and quality across every stage of making a shirt. We can invest time and energy into sourcing the very best fabrics, made in an environmentally and ethically conscious way, that will only get better with time. There’s never been the same breadth of fabrics and depth of quality as we see in today’s market.”

Good news indeed for us gents. Here, we round-up the best shirt brands for men, from independent labels to fashion powerhouses and high-street heroes. It’s time to get shirty.

See our edit of the best men’s shirt brands below

Abercrombie & Fitch

Price: £

Abercrombie & Fitch: shirtless dudes and hypnotic scents, right? Not any more. It’s been years since the label from the USA exploded onto the scene with their controversial brand of all-American dream.

Nowadays, they’re thankfully more diverse and consequently more relevant, with inclusive models, clothing for all shapes and sizes, and better style. Eschewing muscle-fit for more relaxed cuts – finally, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and put down those dumbbells – their shirts span everything from casual to dress while their short-sleeved styles are lightweight and fun.

ASOS Design

Price: £

You can always count on trusty ASOS to come up trumps in a fashion emergency. Cousin’s wedding? Sorted. Job interview? Done, and done. Summer barbecue? In the bag.

Its own label ASOS Design is a veritable treasure trove of shirts for any season and all occasions. Better still, there’s huge variety for varying tastes, from smart and classic to casual and trendy, not to mention seriously fashion-forward styles for the bold and the brave: checked, gingham, graphic and more.

But the best bit? Prices aren’t going to break the bank, meaning you can fix up, look sharp for every event.

Charles Tyrwhitt

Price: £

A familiar name on the high-street, and a favourite among young professionals, you can always count on Charles Tyrwhitt to have you covered. Quite literally, with a wealth of shirts in their wardrobe, from work shirts for meetings, to tuxedo shirts for special occasions, and linen shirts for easy, breezy days. Quality and fit aside, they’re known for options, so expect plenty of ‘em in terms of collar, cuff, size, fit and style.


Price: £

For lived-in denim shirts, there’s few emporiums finer than Lee, the designer brand famed for the much-loved, universally-flattering material. Their Western Overshirt is a case in point, inspired by traditional workwear but updated with a more relaxed silhouette, creating a staple for any man’s wardrobe that can be worn by itself or layered. Elsewhere, their shirts cover everything from flannel to Western and resort, meaning there really is something for everyone.


Price: £

From their food to their fashion, say what you like about Marks, but you can never say that their quality isn’t up there with the best. The same is true of their men’s shirts, which have moved with the times to not just offer quality in terms of how they’re made and what they’re made with, but real variety for the younger generation, too. Now replacing a sea of soulless white shirts is a curated collection of contemporary styles for the modern man. Home or away, work or play, there’s something to suit.

T.M. Lewin

Price: £

Summer weddings. Work soirées. TM Lewin has rightfully become a tried-and-trusted source for shirts with men across the land. Their styles stick to do what they do best – traditional tailoring and classic colours – and we thank them for it. The range spans formal, casual and dress from slim to regular fits, so there’s always something for everyone, while their signature non-iron shirts have become a saviour to many.

A Day’s March

Price: ££

Eschewing fickle trends in favour of enduring favourites, A Day’s March creates pieces with a conscience, not just in clothing designed with longevity in mind, but also with a focus on a minimal carbon footprint.

They’re known for simple shirts and stylish overshirts that ooze Swedish aesthetics – both for men and women – from linen to terry and denim. Most recently, the summer collection is championing the material on everyone’s lips in Tencel – both lightweight and absorbent – with sustainable shirts for basking in the sunshine.

Colorful Standard

Price: ££

The clue’s in the name when it comes to Colorful Standard: responsibly-made staples in every shade of the spectrum (and then some).

In addition to tees and sweaters and hoodies, amongst other apparel, you’ll find their classic Oxford shirt: from subtle charcoal to showy orange, some may argue it’s the only shirt you’ll ever need, made from 100 per cent cotton and featuring a unisex design.

Whether open-collared or buttoned-up, it’s the epitome of versatile, which means there’s no shame in buying one for every day of the week.

Flax London

Price: ££

Linen’s just for balmy days, right? Wrong. Launched to challenge the perception around when linen could be worn, Flax London offers everything from heavy winter shirts to workwear jackets and canvas shorts, all drawing on the sartorial nous of founders Callum and George.

Every piece in their stable is timeless and hard-wearing, ensuring they look as good down the line as they do the day they drop on your doorstep, with everything made in London using traditional techniques and machinery.

While there’s plenty to cosy up with, we’re loving the Short-Sleeve Smock for summer holidays, or simply to bask in a beer garden.

FYU Paris

Price: ££

Buzzy gender-neutral brand FYU Paris started out by creating a line of well-crafted shirts, but have since expanded into a full range of garments.

While it’s just the tip of the iceberg, their Easy Striped Shirt is our pick of the bunch, made from 100 per cent cotton and featuring timeless green and white stripes.

The seriously laid-back fit means it looks as great buttoned-up and tucked into trousers as it does worn open with a casual tee and layered with chains.


Price: ££

What first caught our eye with this London-based label was something they billed as ‘The 24 Trouser’: the elusive pair designed to transition you from day to night with smart looks and natural stretch.

It was excitement indeed, then, when we discovered their ambition was even bigger than creating the perfect trousers: to design a complete modular wardrobe for men.

Included in this is The All-Day Shirt and it’s music to our ears: comfortable enough for play but smart enough for work. There are options, too, from the material – merino, linen – to the style, whether collared, collarless or Oxford. The Holy Grail, if you will.

Mr Wood

Price: ££

We love a London-based label, and Mr Wood really is a cut above, thanks to its founder’s obsession with all things pattern. Crafting fun, bold and engaging shirts, his range is geared towards the bar rather than the boardroom, and styles come in strictly limited quantities featuring both short- and long-sleeve varieties.

Motifs don’t take themselves too seriously, either – think mermaids, skulls and astrology – while prices are kept at around the £100 mark. Consider this your new go-to brand for your next big night out.

R.M. Williams

Price: ££

Who needs a bit of Aussie in their lives? Born in the Outback, R.M. Williams is best known for rugged footwear steeped in rustic heritage, but their shirts are worth snapping up, too.

The workwear-inspired iterations are your best bet – from the Springwood Workwear Overshirt layered over a simple white tee to the Angus Workshirt worn by itself with a few buttons popped – and are all finished with quality touches such as their signature branded buttons and two-piece collars. Manly AF.


Price: ££

Quality basics are what Sunspel, the beloved British brand, does best, so it’s hardly surprising that their long line of luxurious shirts offers some of the most covetable in the business.

In addition to classic long-sleeve Oxford shirts and short-sleeve linen shirts – after all, you’ll need one in every colour, right? – they’ve just launched their classic camp collar style in a fancy botanical print created by renowned fashion illustrator Rosie McGuinness. Sure to stand out in a crowd this summer.

Wax London

Price: ££

Perhaps better known for their signature overshirts – featuring distinctive silhouettes, patterns and colourways – it may be surprising to learn that Wax London serves up a fine array of lightweight, short-sleeve shirts, too.

They’re inspired by the long, hazy days of summer, with dreamy colours and dynamic motifs, with everything made from sustainably-sourced materials. Dressed up or dressed down, they’re a staple in any man-about-town’s closet, and the fact they’re British makes them all the better.

Alexander McQueen

Price: £££

Years after his passing, we’re still shouting ‘long live McQueen’ from the rooftops of London, thanks in large part to the legendary British designer’s penchant for statement shirts.

They’ll get you noticed wherever you go, with McQueen’s signature bold prints that dare to be different. This Monochrome Logo-Print Cotton Shirt is as edgy and eye-catching as you’d expect.

Go on: shake things up.


Price: £££

Having just relaunched following a brief hiatus is Duchamp. The first collection from the revived British brand – yes, it’s homegrown, despite the French name – is very much inspired by the spirit of holiday: lightweight, relaxed and playful.

There’s plenty of pattern going on, with styles inspired by the sun-baked mosaic floors of the Med. Better still, everything’s made from luxurious materials – linen, poplin – all expertly tailored to nail that most elusive of dress codes: smart-casual.


Price: £££

This German fashion house certainly knows how to make men look good, with luxury goods spanning pretty much everything, but it’s their shirts that really stand-out in premium fabrics and classic fits.

More often than not, their logo is obviously emblazoned, while their colours are kept largely monochromatic for a sleek and striking look. Though snazzy prints and colours for the summer do sneak in, and they’re just as good.


Price: £££

While Mr. Porter is famously home to renowned designer brands, one of their best labels is actually their own.

Introducing Mr P., offering menswear with modern silhouettes and luxurious fabrics at its heart, including every kind of shirt the discerning gent needs. The Irregular Wave Printed Organic Shirt perfectly encapsulates the label’s sense of fun with a summery motif that takes you seamlessly from beach to bar.

Paul Smith

Price: £££

Launched with a mission to foster curiosity and creativity, it’s no surprise that the Paul Smith label has become known for statement shirts, from ornate patterns to signature stripes. Better still, as everything is still overseen by the eponymous British designer, you can expect the same expert tailoring and luxurious materials that first put PS on the map more than 50 years ago.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Price: £££

American designer Ralph Lauren has rightfully become the king of the preppy aesthetic and it’s largely down to his range of classic shirts for men. Whether short- or long-sleeved, patterned or plain, what unifies them is the embroidered and distinctive logo above the left breast. Men love them because they say something about who they are – even if they’re not thudding around on horseback in the Hamptons every weekend – and women love them before they can borrow them last-minute and still look effortlessly put-together.


Price: £££

Nothing says ‘Elton John on vacay’ quite like a designer shirt in a luxe fabric with a flamboyant print. When such an aesthetic beckons, look no further than the strong line-up of shirts from Valentino, whose recent summery numbers are so beautiful they could make a grown man weep with happiness.

From silk crepe to cotton poplin, there’s plenty to peruse, although the prices might prohibit stuffing them all into one permitted carry-on


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